7 Responses to “Burbujas De Deseo for ‘Clever Underwear’”

  1. Ryan says:

    I really like Clever underwear. Good pics to go with the collection.

  2. Kuki says:

    Wait a minute… his name is Burbujas de Deseo!? Or is that an artistic name?

    Oh and he has really cute nipples.

  3. JB says:

    That is one beautiful boy! He makes all that idiotic underwear look good!

  4. stickstr8up says:

    The boy has no pit hair. What is he, like 12?!?

  5. aboodaPalooza says:

    i love how they waxed the model and made him perfect for the underwear pose, i wanna wear the underwears they seem so cheek especially in the 4th pic

  6. harry says:

    oh bubbles!

  7. Hugo says:

    “Burbujas De Deseo” (Bubbles Of Desire) is not the model’s name!!! xD… it is a spanish blog (http://www.burbujasdeseo.com/) about LGTB news, male models and male fashion…

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